Inflation in the Eurozone moved in the positive territory after spending no less than four straigh

U.S. economic growth slowed in the first quarter but not as sharply as previously estimated, with gains in exports and investment in software partially offsetting weak consumer spending.

A rise in new orders offered hope for a sector buffeted by a strong dollar and relentless spending cuts by energy companies.
Big-ticket purchases decreased in April, bringing all of retail sales to a plateau. This is yet another indicator of newfound economic strife in the U.S.
Roman Abramovich's $15 million investment might indicate Russia's future plans.
An "Ocean's 11"-style heist has led to the theft of minimum $300 million from banks and financial institutions worldwide.

Today’s AM fix was $1,281, €1,128.93 and £851.84 per ounce.
Friday’s AM fix was $1,274.25, €1,122.69 and £847.92 per ounce.

Susanne Walker is a journalist with Bloomberg News

Exporting crude oil and natural gas from the United States are among the dumbest energy ideas of all time. 

Exporting gas is dumb.