usd index

Global equity markets are likely to remain firmly gripped by geopolitical risk, as escalating tensions over the conflict in Syria weigh heavily on sentiment.
Last Friday, silver declined early in the day only to rally almost 40 cents from the initial low. In our previous alert, we discussed the possibility of silver topping at about $16.65 and this level was reached. Is silver about to take a dive just like it did in late November 2017?
Taking profits on our short positions and closing them on Thursday turned out to be a good idea. Gold, silver and – on an intraday basis – mining stocks moved higher on Friday, while the USD Index declined
In today’s analysis, we discuss the non-USD silver price (the average of silver prices in terms of currencies other than the U.S. dollar), the Dow to gold ratio and the long-term USD Index picture.

The USD Index is trading nicely to the downside, unfolding a big bearish impulse, which we see it as Black Wave 1.

The German DAX gaped higher and now already turning down to fill the gap.

Good morning traders! Today we are going to take a look at USD Index, its daily and 4-hour development.

Some time ago we discussed the analogies in the silver market and the implication of the analogies was that a big decline should follow.
After yesterday’s big sell-off, European equities have bounced back and USD Index futures point to a higher open on the financial market.